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Testing OT Box on your domain

  1. Download site's archive filling the form below.
  2. Copy files from the archive on your hosting to web root directory.
  3. Follow http://[site-name]/install/ (for example, http://site-name.com/install, if you’ve set the site at site-name.com domain).
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. System prompts to enter a key during installation. Enter the key given by OT Commerce managers, or leave the field empty to get the test key automatically.
  6. After installation, delete "install" folder if necessary.
  7. Follow http://[site-name]/admin and enter login/password given by OT Commerce managers with the key, or root/123456 for access with the test key.
Download site's archive
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Testing OT API Key on your site

If you don’t want to install OT Commerce Box on your domain but still wish to try our system, you can work directly with the OTAPI methods by OT Commerce Key.

Use documentation at http://otapi.net. In to get the information on existing OTAPI methods, their purpose and usage.

If you know SOAP, you just need to connect to any standard SOAP client at http://otapi.net and use OTAPI methods.

If you are unfamiliar with SOAP, you can use simple HTTP GET/POST requests. For examples you may open any OTAPI method on the site, a form with fields for the parameters will appear. Use this form to see, what address and what parameters you should use to perform the http-request.

You are free to call and test any methods, trying their parameters and checking their results. You may also ask any questions about the methods in your Skype chat. Usage scenarios with specific examples will be written and posted at OT Commerce sites soon.

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